Questions to ask Potential Roofing Contractors

Our company was built on giving our clients proper communication, detailed comprehensive estimates, honesty with our expectations. We are not Salesman! All of the team have been in the trades for years. We know what it takes to estimate, properly set-up projects, and most importantly execute the Roofing or Construction Project in a Safe and Timely Manner.
Rising Tide Roofing & Construction Will Do What We Say We Can Do!


Your potential contractor should be from the area. This way if there ever is a warranty claim needing addressed, they will come to the home and complete the warranty item. You can find this information by searching the Florida DBPR Contractor Search Website. 

Rising Tide Roofing & Construction is a State Certified Roofing Contractor that lives in the community, and raises our families here in NE Florida. 

The State of Florida Requires a ” Qualifying Agent” this person is the License holder and was the person whom completed all the requirements to obtain the license. Many company qualifiers have little to do with the day to day roof installations

The owner of Rising Tide Roofing & Construction is Rob Daily, he is a Certified Building Contractor and Certified Roofing Contractor in the State of Florida. His licenses are only used for Rising Tide Roofing & Construction and is involved in the day to day operations of the company. He believes if his name is attached to any project, it will be done in a safe and highest quality! 

Your potential contractor should carry insurance to help protect your home from accidental damage. Owens Corning Platinum and Preferred Contractors hold at least $1,000,000 in general liability insurance.

Rising Tide Roofing & Construction carries more than the state minium for all required insurance policies. 

Your roofing contractor should provide an estimate that includes an accurate description of the work to be performed, plus work that may have to be contracted out.

Rising Tide will provide you with a fully laid out, detailed estimate. That includes exactly what is included and what is not included in the scope of work. We want to build long term relationships with our clients. The more we ensure our clients know about their projects, the less chances of any surprises throughout. 

Your potential contractor should know and comply with all current local building codes.

Rising Tide will always follow all current Local Building Code Requirements and inspections. We also will follow all Manufacturer Specifications. 

Florida 2021 Roofing Codes require two layers of either a synthetic or felt underlayment as the first layer of protection on your roof deck. If you’re looking for advanced protection against leaks, water absorption, and mold then you’ll want to make sure your potential roofing contractor will use a synthetic product rather than felt.

Rising Tide Roofing & Construction installs two layers of  Owens Corning Rhino Synthetic underlayment. It is the best for a secondary water barrier and doesn’t trap moisture. Plus it is lighter and safer for our installers to install. 

Depending on several conditions, additional ice and water barriers between the shingles and the wood deck may be needed to help prevent ice damming, wind-driven rain, or collected water. Learn more about Owens Corning® ice and water barrier products.

Rising Tide will always install Owens Corning Weather Loc ice and water barrier in all valleys and around roof penetrations. Additionally, any shingle pitched roof system under 4/12 will have Ice and Water installed over the entire roof decking. 

Your potential contractor should be familiar with and follow all manufacturer’s specifications since improper application will affect your manufacturer’s warranty.

Rising Tide Roofing & Construction is an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor and are held to a high standard! We will always install the full system to ensure our clients will not have their warranty denied for improperly installed materials. We encourage our clients to ask about all materials being used on their projects. 

A good Roofing Contractor will photograph, discusses in detail and in writing any additional costs that could happen during the Roofing Project.

Our Estimators will always complete a through inspection of the existing roof system. And try to include in our detailed estimate.  If there are unforeseen additional costs discovered during the project, our team photographs, contacts our clients to show them and discuss additional costs. Then we send a detailed change order electronically for their approval. We do not want our clients surprised and upset for lack of communication about additional costs. 

Every project should have standard process in place to provide the proper communication with clients. Including phone calls, text messaging and email. Asking how often and means of communication will assist with ensuring the company has standard processes in places for the proper communication with clients

Rising Tide believes in providing options to meet our clients needs. We have multiple ways to communicate including, phone calls, texting, customer web page for their project and most importantly – In Person. Just let the Estimator or Project Team which you would prefer and we will make sure to accommodate you requests.

Rising Tide Roofing & Construction wants all potential clients of ours to be as educated as possible, to let them make the best decision they can for their projects! We are not Salespeople! We have families, have worked in the trades for our entire lives and want provide enough value to our clients and will not pressure when discussing projects with potential clients. Give us a call and see what makes us Rise Above for our Clients!


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